The Food Technology area has teaching in the qualifications of  Degree in Food Science and TechnologyDegree in Agro-Food and Agro-Environmental Engineering, Degree in Biotechnology and of Agronomist (2nd cycle) (P98), in addition to teaching at the Master’s in Agroecology, Rural Development and Agro-Tourism, the Master’s in Research in Science, Technology and Food Control, the Master´s in Management and Project Design and Facilities, the  Master´s in Advanced Techniques for Fruit Production Research and the Ph. D. In Agricultural and Food Resorces and Technologies. The staff of our area is organized into several research groups on which you can find information on this blog and offering services to the university community and the company and are conducting training courses, developing new foods and conservation studies between others. To carry out the research and teaching activities we teaching laboratories, research laboratories and a support ship with pilot plant equipment sections equipped for post-harvest, winemaking and industrialization of animal foods. Our facilities are equipped with modern equipment for food analysis, as well as their production and processing. We are an approved laboratory by the Generalitat Valenciana for physico-chemical analysis of food and water.

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15 February 2013